What is change blindness?

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Today, I feel we should discuss a critically important topic: change blindness.

In order to function, we have to maintain a simulation of reality and when we are distracted, emotionally perturbed, or lazy, we do not perceive change.

1999 and the dopeist movie scene- ever…

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They say two thousand zero zero it’s party over – out of time So tonight I’m gonna party like it’s nineteen ninety-nine My own sister (the lawyer), trying to coax my own mother to doing something important but difficult asked rhetorically last week: “mom, you’re 78-years-old. Imagine you had cancer – would you still want to do this?” I realize …

Interview with Transhumanist Presidential candidate – Zoltan Istvan (or how I learned to love the robotic uprising)

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Zoltan Istvan is an author, sailor, family man, National Geographic Journalist, inventor of volcano surfing, and a candidate for the Presidency of the United States. He explains why he believes Transhumanism is our best chance for a better world via science and technology.