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Leonard Nimoy, not Spock, has passed away

Of note, the mature Nimoy learned the value of being Spock after rejecting it. Of course, one of the blessings and curses of being an successful actor is that you become associated with iconic characters that you play. This leitmotif is explored in this year’s Oscar-winning “Birdman”. Nimoy’s own internal integration was completed with these polar opposite autobiographies: the first was at age 44 and called I am not Spock (1975). His second autobiography at age 64 was entitled I am Spoke (1995).

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The “sourcing heuristic” part 2: Brian Williams’ confession

In the end, I just want to keep it simple. If you ask me if your pants make you look fat, I may choose to withhold information or just lie. But if you ask me whether it is possible that telomerase activation could cause cancer or whether all people prefer RECHARGE to TA-65, I’m gonna leave you with some unanswered questions.

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