Things fall apart: FACEBOOK and signs of the coming apocalypse (October 30th, year of our lord 2014)

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This election day, we fractally revisit similar tests from the creator (which, is, in a way, ourselves). We must ask ourselves, why am I voting this way and has someone placed the “Fear of God” into me to manipulate my vote?

World’s Richest Man predicts 3-day workweek – (Poorer billionaires predict an apocalypse)

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Last night, I was helping my 11-yo son with his history assignment: a comic, showing the evolution of mankind from the stone age, to the neolithic, to the modern industrial phase. In Oliver’s last panel, his Homo sapiens sapiens concluded that the efficiencies of a mechanized world allowed them to enjoy being human.

This morning, I was pleased to find a similar sentiment from none less that Carlos Slim, the world’s richest man.