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The GOD PARTICLE will blast open your G.U.T.s !

On March 30th, some Über-geeks fired up their Large Hadron Collider in Switzerland in an effort to move one huge step closer to Einstein’s elusive lifelong dream of a G.U.T. or Grand Unified Theory.  That ‘theory of everything’ is a somewhat verifiable way to explain how the particles of the Standard Model of particle physics fit with our understanding of Electromagnetism, Strong and Weak nuclear forces, and Gravity.

large hadron colliderI know what you’re thinking:


But WAKE UP! To paraphrase the Baby-Boomers’-Bard, “The future now, will later be past.”

The story of how firing up the big blaster didn’t end the universe was eclipsed in the headlines because 1) it didn’t affect the survivors of Oceanic 815 and 2) it’s not as riveting as Kate Gosselin’s fate on Dancing with the Stars. I get that. But explaining the whole universe is pretty good for a species of “Monkey-boy” hominids that have only been in existence for a mere 200k of the universe’s 13.7 billion years, or 0.000014 of its creator’s existence. This would be probably as likely one of your dust mites writing your entire life story into a Tony-award winning musical during a commercial break of Dancing with the Stars.

So if these acne-stricken, Toblerone-scarfing smarties find their Higgs Boson particle (or Dan Brown’s ‘God Particle’ from Angels and Demons) they’ll be closer to unifying their models and better still, their mom’s get to tell their ‘Frenemies’ how their kid turned out to be smarter than Einstein.

I know what you’re thinking:

“Where the $*@! is he going with this?”

In 1986, Sean Connery played a 14th century theologian/gumshoe named William of Ockham in a pretty cool whodunit movie called The Name of the Rose.

He (Sir William of Ockham, not the greatest James Bond of all time) is best known for his principle of “Ockham’s Razor,”  which has been a close companion of scientists and detectives from Carolus Linnaeus to Lieutenant Columbo:

pluralitas non est ponenda sine necessitate

“plurality should not be posited without necessity”

In other words, don’t evoke a whole bunch of reasons when only one will do just fine.

So that’s really the point of this posting.   To explain aging, theorists often focus on the results of human aging, not its root cause, which is likely to be telomere erosion.

Since telomere erosion allows the ends of all DNA to be exposed and injured, it is sufficient to explain and encompass all the other theories such as:

• Error Accumulation
• Somatic mutation
• Accumulative-Waste
• Free Radical theory
• Mitohormesis

To paraphrase another pretty cool movie “One theory to rule them all, one theory to bind them…”

It seems logical that if every living creature with non-circular DNA uses telomerase to protect their DNA libraries, despite having evolved a variety of different repeating sequences, then the evolutionary conservation of telomerase must be a necessary condition for the survival of any species that carries the entire library in every cell nucleus.

Since the “Grand Inquisitors” these days are physicists and not sadistic zealots, anyone can come up with a theory. Even I did. If you want to check out my theory of aging, go to:

And if you want to do something logical and positive towards living healthier and longer, you should do what hundreds of MD’s, PhD’s, and CEO’s have already done: take TA-65 to activate your telomerase and repair your critically short telomeres. You have our MONEY-BACK GUARANTEE!

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