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They say the first 150,000 is always the hardest…

Yipee!!  So I finally got over 150,000 views of my videos on YouTube. Actually, we crossed that milestone a while ago but I have had to take down older videos because of copyright issues several times in the past (music I wasn’t granted permission to use.)


"drpark65" on YouTube

I know there is a certain kind of person who treats these like Pringles- they can’t just eat one. For those of you who have watched all, or nearly all of them, thank you!!


For the rest of you, there 88 gems waiting for your viewing enjoyment. Topics such as male and female sexuality,  depression, addiction, circadian rhythm, cancer, macular degeneration, traumatic brain injury, hypertension, cholesterol, obesity, hepatitis…so much great stuff and always in a clear, thoughtful, and hopefully, entertaining way.  Check out my YouTube channel at “drpark65” or


Thanks for all the positive feedback and encouragement over these years.

If you are waiting to reorder, just watch the TA-FAQ video and it will convince you to pull the trigger, I hope.  Would love to see a bunch or orders so I can afford to go to Davos for the World Economic Forum that my friend, Mark Levin, invited me to. 🙂

Happy new year and look for a series of very cool interviews that I did at the American Academy Anti-Aging Medicine conference with experts in sex dysfunction, hormone replacement, and art for treatment of neurological disorders.



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