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Traumatic Brain Injury review

In today’s blog, I want to discuss traumatic brain injury. My son was recently struck by a ball in the schoolyard where he was supervising. I advised taking the adaptogen Recharge with sleep and it seemed to help. A few months ago, my other son was slammed to the mat during wrestling and again, I recommended taking Recharge and it seemed to speed healing.

This recent accident prompted my son to consider how playing Pop Warner tackle football might have injured his brain. Now imagine professional combat sportsmen and football players. It is truly frightening.

If you have some time, watch this video that I did after several patients experienced improvements after taking TA-65. You must understand that every night, our brain makes over 10,000 new brain cells. It is not true that the brain doesn’t heal…it just does so differently than other organs like the skin and gut.

As I wrote about in my book, The Telomere Miracle, science is further discovering that sleep allows the glymphatic system to flush out the toxins in the brain while we sleep. That would explain the link between Alzheimer’s and sleep dysfunction.

Anyway, please check out this podcast…the voice of Anthony before and after taking TA-65 is quite striking.

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