I am posting this first of nine videos to explain what exosomes are and how they work.
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What are exosomes? Lecture 1 of 9

I am posting this first of nine videos to explain what exosomes are and how they work.


The series covers the following topics:

Lecture 1: What are exosomes?


Lecture 2: Aging and exosomes


Lecture 3: Parabiosis and exosomes


Lecture 4: Cancer and exosomes


Lecture 5: A history of regenerative therapies in joints


Lecture 6: Are all exosomes created equal?


Lecture 7: The FDA


Lecture 8: What are the risks of exosomes?


Lecture 9: What is Dr. Park’s approach to exosomes?



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4 thoughts on “What are exosomes? Lecture 1 of 9”

  1. Dr Park, Thank you for the video series. I have worked with Duncan Ross and Sara Watson and the Kimera team for the last two years and have used Kimera exosomes in my practice. I look forward to watching the rest of the videos and meeting you in person someday.

    Mark Holterman

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