A Life Well-lived: Stein Erickson

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Yesterday, we lost a great soul when Stein Erickson, Norwegian Olympian and Johnny Appleseed of Skiing in America passed away of “natural causes” at age 88.

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Click the photo to read more about this remarkable man.

I want to remind you that Klaus Obermeyer, another skiing evangelist and apparel icon is still skiing at 95.

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Yet even with keeping your body in top condition, the thing that most people like the late Jack LaLalanne don’t still have is a healthy immune system to fight off infections and cancer. The reasons your immune system deteriorates is related to chronic herpesvirus infections and exhaustion of your reserve stem cells.  I believe that if we can maintain the telomeres of your stem cells that produce your adaptive immune system, this will translate into better health, longer life, and more runs down the mountain.

To understand why aging is a form of acquired immune deficiency, watch this video:

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