Do Antioxidants increase risk of cancer death?

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“The time has come to seriously ask whether antioxidant use more likely causes than prevents cancer,” Dr. Watson said. Nutritional intervention trials have shown no obvious effectiveness in preventing cancer or in lengthening lifespan, and, “in fact, they seem to slightly shorten the lives of those who take them.”

Landmark Kaiser study of 100,000 patients confirms telomeres decline with age

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In long-awaited and landmark study published yesterday in Genetics, Lapham and 28 other authors collaborated to report telomere length in a cohort of Kaiser patients who gave saliva samples.

Exercise helps maintain telomeres

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In this 2008 study of twins, British researchers looked at 52 pairs of identical and 15 pairs of fraternal twins and concluded that exercise, even after controlling for confounding variables of age, BMI, smoking, year of sampling, and socioeconomic status, was associated with telomere length preservation. The effect was 6 years of length for 100 minutes a week and 9 years of advantage for 3 hrs or more.

Are you driving with your lights off at night?

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A youthful body and spirit are like a car with its lights on. It makes you visible and it makes everything around you brighter. A driver who has lost integration with his or her own environment and is merely preoccupied with what they see and whether it is enough to get them to their next stop may encounter problems that they never saw coming.