Grey hair is directly related to telomere shortening (and stress)

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More than any other indicator, people find the reversal of grey hair to be a positive sign of getting younger and it is not uncommon to hear these reports from users of TA-65 or the adaptogenic RECHARGE supplement.

  • My 15-yo son is back for Spring break from a stressful first two trimesters at Phillips Andover this week. He commented that someone found a grey hair on his head and in fact, this is not uncommon in some of the kids I interview for Harvard College.  I hope this means my son is studying and not just staying up late to play FIFA Soccer with his buddies on weekends.
  • My patient was concerned as a 43-yo that although his telomere age had improved 40 years in length, his grey hair count doubled from 3 to 6. At age 48, I have only 1-4 grey hairs on my own head. 
  • At 112, Soledad grew hundreds of jet black hairs after starting a telomerase activator.

In our first reformulation of the RECHARGE supplement that is being bottled this week, we have decided to remove curcumin and replace it with He Shou Wu (or Polygonum Multiflorum). This herb’s name means “Mr. He’s black hair” which is an allusion to a Mr. He in Chinese legend who used it to restore his black hair.

To learn more about hair than you ever thought possible, watch this fascinating podcast:


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