Katina resumes ovulation after starting TA

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Here is a recent email from Katina, who was struggling a lot with depression, insomnia, and not menstruating. Although she feels the TA helped her, that is not something backed up by clinical trials (yet) so please note this is just an anecdote (although one I have heard quite often. I have even seen 58 and 63-yo women resume menstruation!

Hello 🙂
Yes I have finished the bottle over the course of 1 week. I took notes of any symptoms/side effects as well.
My dreams were pretty normal, nothing bad.

The first 3 nights following the first dose (which I took around 9pm) I noticed a few sharp pains on the top of my ankle and foot, lasting only a few minutes. Never occurred after day 4.

I did get sleepy right after taking the pills.
My sleep felt very restful.

I noticed after a few days I wasn’t crying anymore (I had been experiencing a lot of grief over the death of my ex) not sure if the pills or just time was the reason.

And the other thing I noticed I might not normally say but since you have worked as an Obgyn (and I mentioned wanting to have a baby soon and my dr said I maybe had 1 yr left) …I noticed an increase in cervical fluid mid month and could feel when I was ovulating. I had always been able to tell when I was ovulating and the last 4 months those signs were just not there. But this month it came back. I feel it was because of the pills.

I would like to come in and purchase another bottle.

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As a follow-up to the woman featured in the video, read this blog post about Nina’s second child, already 24wk pregnant and healthy even though she is 43 years old with a long history of infertility.

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