Patients keep their good results secret

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Gandhi reportedly said:

First they ignore you, then they laugh at you, then they fight you, then you win.

Well it appears that my patients also like to avoid being laughed at. I was contacted last week by a client who has gotten his diabetes under control at the age of 73. He couldn’t be happier but based on his past negative experiences and his desire to maintain respectability as a partner in a prominent law firm, he doesn’t want to endorse me or TA-65 openly.


When he asked if anyone else had experienced improvements taking adaptogens, I directed him to this video:

Here was his email which I will share, as per request, anonymously:

“Thanks, Dr. Park,

I enjoyed this [my diabetes webinar]  I will be 74 in August, and do stair running every morning. I will compete in the Empire State Building Run Up next February. For years I have taken a lot of supplements  With all of this,  I had to struggle to control my blood sugar by eating a very low carb diet.
Not until I began taking TA 65 did I get my blood sugar under control. I enjoy Pizza twice a week.
I don’t mind you using my experience, but I don’t want my name used, because a lot of people would think I am crazy, and it would hurt my practice. Some of the people I have given your book to already have doubts about me.

Best regards”

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