Poor sleep damages your brain

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Not only is sleep good for you. Lack of sleep is bad. It even causes measurable brain damage.  They taught us in medical school that you don’t make new brain cells. Totally false. You need to make up to 10,000 new brain cells every night. So whatever you do, make sure you sleep well tonight and every night.

poor sleep causes brain damage


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  1. At one time I had a small catering business and at busy times I would work 18 hour days for days at a time. One morning I awoke not sure if it was dawn or dusk, not aware of what day it was and finally I couldn’t remember who I was. It is no wonder that sleep deprivation is used a form of torture and interrogation. It makes you question the practice of 48 hour shifts for young interns in hospital emergency rooms. Without sleep our seemingly firm grip of reality is tenuous at best and disconnected at worst. Memories are consolidated while sleeping.

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