TA can’t make you lifeproof (and skin cancers are common in older white men)

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“Dr. Park,
I’m kind of bummed today.
As a reminder; I have taken TA-65 for about a year at 4/day, another year at 2 or 3/day and the last year at 1 or 2/day.
One year ago I found a melanoma cancer on my forehead. It was thin and removed fully and successfully.
This week I had a biopsy of another spot and came up positive for Basil cell carcinoma which I will have removed in January.
I guess I had the expectation that with all the TA-65 over the past few years, cancers would be VERY rare.  Comments?
P.S. Bev (my wife) continues to take 2/day and her CRP remains at 4.5 (0-4.9). I continue to credit TA-65 for this vast improvement (from 13).
Regards,    TomJ”

I would like to discuss the idea that TA is either all or nothing. TA doesn’t DO anything that your body isn’t already trying to do. It increases the efficiency of telomerase, which may have benefits in prevention of stem cell damage. Think of it as getting your car serviced and cleaned.  It is less likely to have a breakdown but you can still hit a nail or get pooped on by birds.

In the anecdote above, we can presuppose that Tom would have had fewer, more, or the same occurrence of skin malignancies or that they would be less, more, or equally good prognosis for cure.

TA is not magic, it just helps some processes like your natural killer cells (which hunt down cancer), T-Cell immunity, and may help certain damaged cells undergo apoptosis (or self-destruction.)  If you want to understand how this might occur, read my book, “Telomere Timebombs: Defusing the Terror of Aging.”


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So to answer Tom’s very valid concerns, I would like to believe that these cancers would have been rarer but the truth is, we can’t know for certain.  Everything is in constant flux and he has had over eight decades to accumulate DNA damage from telomere shortening and translocation mutations.  Were there other cancers that were averted?  Were these preexisting conditions? Did the new cancers present earlier and therefore show a better cure rate?  Those are all just-so stories to be frank.

I just received a letter from a fellow TA-65 physician concerned about cancer risk. The truth is that unless you plan on becoming cryogenically frozen, there is always a baseline risk for all diseases.  I believe many of those processes are related to telomere erosion. The rest is conjecture until we have properly-designed experiments.  But I continue to take TA-65 nightly and I assure you I wouldn’t do so if I thought it was raising my risk of cancer.

Happy Holidays!

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  1. so, some people who have had cancer seem very concerned about Ta-65 and the possible effects it may have supporting any cancer development. Is that a valid concern?

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