Walter’s story of reclaimed glory

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Here is an interesting email from a patient showing what many others have reported. The mind was willing and now the body seems to be as well when taking a telomerase activator…

“I am a former sponsored tri-athlete and am experimenting with the ta-65 at 50 years old to compete as a master division athlete after a several year layoff. In month 3 of 1 ta-65 a day here are some things I noticed.

The better sleep and more dreams. Better recovery. Pain in my back the first 10 days of use. Something was going on back there and I just let it take its course. The next 8 weeks no pain at all. Improved eyesight. Little to no joint point. I.E shoulders, knees, wrists,elbows. Overall less body aches and pains. Now I was plagued with knee pain the past 2 years and 2 months into my training no knee pain as long as I roll my IT bands. I am unbeatable when I am not injured . My drive to win invites injury. I also was completely burned out in my work life and that seems to be subsiding.

I did an incredible feat this week and that was to ride a hard 35 miles on my bicycle with 20 lbs of lead added plus I am 25 pounds above my racing bodyweight. During this ride through the very hilly smoky mountain foothills I did 10- 60 second maximum efforts. All this would be normal training for me when I am in shape but I am not. All of this was done at an almost 18mph average. That would be slow on a flat course but this had many long steep hills. The kind normal people walk their bikes up. I think the ta-65 helped me leapfrog to the next level much sooner than normal. My abdominal muscles actually cramped up after the ride just to give you and idea that this normally is too much too soon in my comeback training.

Two days later I feel pretty good and ready to ride again. With my level of training I should be taking a full dose for the first 8 months and then just a 1 pill maintenance dose with 5 pills on race eve. I believe with the ta-65 and all the training facilities, nutrition and equipment that was not available when I was 30 that I may be able to match or beat my race times as a 29 year old. 

I forgot to mention a definite increase in the bedroom.

-Walter Conway”

Walter’s testimonial highlights some common reports: better performance, quicker recovery, and interestingly, some profound changes in ligament and joint problems.  I theorize that the pain that arises in the first 10 days is caused by APOPTOSIS or cell death and inflammation in the damaged cells followed by the inflammation required to clear them.  Often the offending ligament never hurts again.  To understand how this might occur, read my book, “Telomere Timebombs: Defusing the terror of aging.”

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