you SHOULD want to live to 120

Why DON’T people want to live to 120?

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When I speak, I often open by asking the audience to introduce themselves to a neighbor and tell them “Idealy, I would like to live to ____ yrs”

It turns out that everyone wants to live to Christmas, most until 80, about 30% until 90, 15% until 100 and <5% to 120.

That is because of delusions (fixed false beliefs) about what chronological aging will entail in this new, post-telomerase activation world.

They assume getting old is getting sick. Nothing could be further from the truth. So I admonish the audience and tell them that notwithstanding political, social, and moral considerations, the best answer to how long you want to live is: “as long as I am healthy, happy, and productive.”


Read this article for discussion of how Sci-Fi dystopianism has deluded us and diluted out understanding of what it means to age in a healthy manner:

you SHOULD want to live to 120

people don’t get it question


I have also been guilty of dystopian visions of life extension with billionaires’s heads in glass jars of formaldehyde in my graphic novel, Maximum Lifespan

Here is an interview I did on the question of Maximum Lifespan:

stem cells explained

What are stem cells?

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