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Real patient experiences

“The Toll Booth Blues” and the LA Comic con

80,000 people walked past my booth, averted eye contact, looked confused then a bit angry, and moved on. 99% of them looked at the display, down at me (the guy on the display) and made the snap judgement that I was a wack job or a con man.

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Hello Kitty, goodbye family

So just what are the variables that affect population growth?

Sex drive, contraception and abortion, infant and child mortality, economics of child rearing, social normative behavior, anticipated health and lifespan, state or corporate ownership of human chattle.

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The movie “Self/Less” and the Persistence of Memory

The premise of Self/less is that the brain’s consciousness is like a hard drive that can be used to store new information is interesting because it runs up against the failure of the ethically-challenged scientists to completely wipe the host body’s memories.

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