After a five week hiatus spent planning my physician Masterclass in exosomes, I resume posting archives. ... The first blog is showing older women resuming reading as a sign of executive cognitive function.... The second explores autophagy, the secret behind the cleansing effects of fasting, and its relationship to telomere shortening.... The last is a shallow dive into a shallow subject- political correctness
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Archives Week 10 – July 23, 2022


EXOSOME BLOG- Nov 30, 2019 “Reading is FUNdamental”

Last week, my mom complained of a headache after spending nearly 5 hours engrossed in a book. I don’t think she has ever read for five hours and likely had hypoglycemia and dehydration.
For other instances of older women enjoying reading after exosome treatments, see this blog

Telomere Blogs – Jan 25, 2019 “Autophagy and Telomere Shortening”

We discuss the five dimensions of aging. The autophagy pathway (or self eating) is an aspect of Siva, the destroyer.


Slice of Life Blog – March 5, 2019 “Political Correctness”

The problem with political correctness is that politics, by its very nature, implies preferences that are subjective, hard to change, and somewhat delusional.


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