Researchers publishing in this week's Nature show that telomere dysfunction triggers autophagy, which is also associated with intermitted fasting
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Autophagy triggered by telomere dysfunction

Just a brief note of a study published this week suggesting that telomere dysfunction not only causes chromosomal disruption and apoptosis via the standard p53 mechanism, but that it also triggers autophagy.

Autophagy is the “self-eating” of cells mitigated by bags of peroxide inside cells. The researchers publishing in this week’s Nature show that telomere dysfunction triggers autophagy, which is also associated with intermitted fasting, therefore helping to prevent cancer progression and other senescent phenotypes.

This is an important step towards maintaining cellular health and integrity.

For more information on autophagy, read this blog on the topic. You don’t need to fast for days. You can also fast daily and accomplish the same thing. Just skip breakfast and don’t eat past 6pm and you have 18 hours of fasting daily. Destruction is good if cells are dysfunctional. Is it all part of the three aspects of cell birth, maintenance, and destruction that I explain in this lecture:

6 thoughts on “Autophagy triggered by telomere dysfunction”

  1. Hi Ed: I’m confused because it seems in your blog that telomere dysfunction is actually a GOOD thing when it causes autophagy (like fasting does) in destroying cancer cells. But the whole idea of telomere activation is to stop telomere dysfunction. Can you explain? Thanks

    1. Let me put it this way…certain cells like leaves in autumn, are destined to die. Others, the stem cells, should be preserved as long as they’re healthy. When they are no longer healthy, they too much undergo self-destruction. Everything is a balance of birth, maintenance, and destruction.

  2. Thanks for this article, I have added it to my living routine and noticed immediate results

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