This week's archives feature an informative video about hip problems....The telomere blog debunks some ideas about measuring telomeres....the slice of life blog is about humor and my book, The Telomere Miracle
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Archives Week 17 – October 8th, 2022

Exosomes Webinar – The Shoulders

Telomere Blog – Telomere measuremens

This weekend, I am being asked and told a lot about aging and telomeres as I exhibit at the RAADFest (revolution against aging and dying). Sadly, most of the gurus here look like they’re getting older fast. Here is a blog about measuring telomeres:

Slice of Life Blog – Science is funny

This week, I am hearing a lot of experts. One very influential speaker at RAADFest said only two accurate things that I could discern “I am not a scientist and I’m not a doctor”. But he was wrong that our DNA doesn’t change over a lifetime. Too bad most people believe their own dogma when a critical mass believe in them.

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