Week 3 of our Archives Parabiosis, pancreatic cancer, military neck and whiplash, childhood trauma, the seven-year-itch
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Archives Week 3 – April 16, 2022

As we continue to explore our archives, I am including the third of nine foundational lectures about parabiosis. Sadly, my best friend who is the same age as I, succumbed to complications of pancreatic cancer last night. This exosome lecture with Robe Lowe vs. Patrick Swayze) reminds us that the exosome mileau is what accounts for the ecology of aging and cancer (a subset of dysfunctional cell behavior).



In this 18-minute video, I explain parabiosis, or the mixing of young and old organisms. I explain how exosomes might mediating the effect of young blood making older individuals younger. 


EXOSOMES BLOG #3 (June 15, 2019)

It is possible that the anti-inflammatory nature of the exosomes helped to relax the muscles, allowing for resolution of the whiplash and muscle spasms that were producing subluxation. I was honored to be able to help my friend after she slipped and fell


Telomere Blog (Oct 7. 2016)

It appears that having childhood trauma ages you and that the seeds of future illness can be planted very early.

Slice of Life Blog (Jan 3, 2015)

Your cells, your partner, and your car are naturally replaced every seven years…

The seven year itch- spouses, cars, and your own body

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