In the three years since I started using and learning about exosomes, they have become "FDA-approved' (for Covid-19 mitigation). Let's explore what that means The exosome blog discusses a friend of mine whose nerve pain resolved after exosomes. The telomere blog shows my theory of telomere erosion causing cancer and disease is valid
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Archives Week 7- May 15, 2022

We take a deeper dive into whether exosomes are “FDA-Approved”? Note that since the original creation of this video, there is one type of synthetic exosome that has been “FDA-approved”

A case study of one of my friend’s neuropathy resolved after exosome injection.

My telomere theory of aging and disease is vindicated by science

In the slice of life, we revisit the simpler truths of existence. We laugh or else we wallow in despair


In this 23-minute video, I explain how the FDA works. I explain the “minimally-altered” standard that regulates use of stem cells in the United States. The reason that the FDA will likely never cure aging and most chronic diseases is explained in terms of their modus operandi.


EXOSOMES BLOG (Aug 3, 2019)

A remarkable case of neuropathy gone overnight.

Telomere Blog (Dec 18, 2015)

Scientists confirm my “Telomere Timebomb” theory of cancer

Slice of Life Blog (Jan 19, 2016)

Existentialism and finding meaning 
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