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Attribution Bias

If you are of a certain age, you may remember fitness expert, Richard Simmons. Apparently, he never wore a headband, as I recall. If you are among the many who recall a headband, there are several choices you can make:

1) Believe you were wrong

2) Believe you are in an alternative universe (The so-called “Mandela Effect”) and that some people came over from the other universe

3) Believe someone is redacting instances of Richard Simmons images

4) Decide to be undecided 

ChatGPT4 can't do basic math

I have blogged about not trusting language model AI and that is because of the persistent type I errors of false positives. When I was consulting for investors in an AGI (artificial general intelligence) platform, I learned that although language model AI was good at learning, it was bad at discernment because it lacks skepticism and intuition. The darling of AI futurism has become an idiot and they’re blaming it on interactions with humans!

In contrast, data mining predictive AI is fraught with Type II error- false positive. It uses surveillance and probability but can’t learn new things. If you want Bulgarian food instead of Bulgogi, you are going to have to type that a few times.

What happened to us?

I submit that we are in the process of being forcibly evolved into transhumans. I wrote a graphic novel about this and sadly, there are some amongst us who want greater control over humanity be melding us with technology. In my mind’s eye before I sleep, I now seen screens that scroll up and down and side-to-side. But consider all the folks who have devices to measure and transmit their heart rates and now their blood glucoses. Consider that to be electronically fenced in and controlled is just a natural progression of the devices we carry, the electrification of life, and the coming internet of things. 

I didn't write this- but I like it

If you create things, you know sometimes you don’t really create things, you channel them. I wrote this blog years ago about how human consciousness is quantum in nature. That means it is magical, non-binary, and non-deterministic. It was inspired by seeing many instances of what was known to be the god of Alexandria for 21 centuries, Serapis, who was just renamed Zeus by Vatican Museum curators.

It is really worth a read if you want to understand my view of human consciousness!  

Do Exosomes work?

last Tuesday, I treated my mom and one of my best friends with exosomes. The latter is someone whom I treated in the Spring and at the time, I didn’t get the impression that the exosomes helped despite her uveitis resolving. Nevertheless, she repeated the treatment a month ago and then six days ago. Why? She must have reevaluated the efficacy and adjusted her attribution. Now she states her problems related to autoimmunity are resolving. 

My mom has received 34 treatments and was a true believer. But I had to cajole her into treatment because she was saying they didn’t help her ankle when we injected it one year prior. Immediately after and for the last 6 days, her ankle, Achilles’, and thumb pain have resolved. Why? She is 86-yo and drives at least 12 hours a week without cruise control and is overusing her ankle and Achilles. In addition, her thumb hurts from hitting the slot machine buttons over a hundred thousand times a week. Instead of thinking, “I need to repeat the exosomes because of all the excess wear I’m putting on my foot and hand”, she attributed her pains to exosomes not fixing them a year ago, before the additional wear and tear.

To learn more about repeat treatments, watch this video:


What can Birdbox teach us?

I have a strange tendency to hear everyone out. I have only unfriended people on Facebook for extreme narcissism, not for politics. It is fascinating to see the range of divergent realities. In the 2018 Netflix move, Birdbox, starring Sandra Bullock. the plot is that she and her loved ones have to escape to some safe space without seeing some unknown evil…that’s it. 


Actually, it’s perfect allegory for the way people talk about politics, public health, American exceptionalism, and religion. My point is that while we ignore the obvious facts of a post-truth devolution into transhumanist slavery, we may want to consider reclaiming our right to see, judge, discern, and believe our own attributions. 

If you want to attribute according to your party line, things will go easier for your social credit score, but don’t be surprised to discover that you are required to believe that Richard Simmons never wore a headband and then the next week, to believe he always wore one. 

As George Orwell stated “We have always/never been at war with Oceana” and “Richard Simmons always/never wore a headband”.   

What is my point? What do I believe? 

I believe that we cannot know anything for certain but that as I blogged, reality does exist and that no, parallel universes don’t exist, and that to an extent reality is created by collective consciousness, but that yes, it is possible and desirable for people to find and change iterations of headbands just to see how far you can go to convince people that their minds don’t work properly.

1 thought on “Attribution Bias”

  1. Hi Dr. Park: I didn’t watch TV and don’t see a headband on the Simon’s guy. However I’m sure the capabilities to make whatever reality real to 2/3 of the population exist and are in use. Hitler did it with less than Trumps popularity numbers.
    As far as alternate -quantum- realities, I believe in beings with abilities to travel in space. I was raised outside of Tucson and hunted solo throughout Southern AZ. Having poor sleeping supplies I spent many crisp fall evenings and hot summer outside, awake. The sky would always supply something’; a probable satilite making a right hand turn or multicolored directed sky vehicles moving at a incredible speeds. My religious fanatic friends from the late 50’s are now Quantum proponets
    Anyway Dr. Park, I’m enjoying your points of view. I’m saving up for an exosome bolus
    Please for give the spelling.JP

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