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Bread and Circuses

This weekend, Superbowl (insert Roman numerals here) will be played and we are asked to believe this is important. Is it. Is is fun! Pass me a Bud Light and a handful of fried cockroaches. 

I will explain some of the esoteric aspects of the Roman Empire that you may not know in this blog and relate it to our current Zeitgeist. 

I am not a fan...of the Roman Empire

A few months back, a funny trend went through the internet where mostly women wondered how often men thought about the Roman Empire. Personally, I do often because even my publishing  company is named Pileus Productions because the Pileus, or red Phrygian cap was a sign of a freed slave during Saturnalia, the week where slaves were allowed to boss around their masters and get spare change. It was a kind of social safety valve for a society built on violence and exploitation.

The Empire was an idea and somehow, they got people to believe that to be a Roman citizen was the epitome of something desirable. Despite the constant warmongering against frontier nations resulting in a constant supply of human slaves, people believed that in the Empire, they were safe and that they had rights.

The cap of the manumitted slave was a prominent symbol of the American and French Revolutions. You can read more about the pileus here.


Revolution is the final act of despair in a failed system

In case you haven’t noticed, the control of mainstream media has been rather complete and the ethos of journalism to expose the crimes of the powerful is defunct. To find what is really happening inside the Corporate Empire, you need to find alternative sources. We live in an interesting time where people have access to information yet the censorship regime is incomplete. In China, it is active; in the Western nations, it is mainly self-censorship but there will be social credit scoring coming soon.

while you were sleeping...

I was treating a patient a few weeks ago and her husband asked who I liked for the NFL football playoffs. I wasn’t sure who was playing although I knew the Lions were in it…I guess I always root for the underdog, like in the Gladiatorial games. I joked: “I’m more interested in Israel vs. Palestine” than the football match-ups.

Did you know that while we were rooting for our sports teams and arguing about genders, races, religions, pandemic policy, and climate change…the prefects of the Corporate Empire in which we live have been robbing the plebians and creating social change through market manipulation and ESG (environmental, social, governance) policies.

From Obama through Biden we increased the national debt from 8 trillion to 32 trillion yet we are not allowed to know where it went.

We have changed regimes of many countries and maintain over 750 military bases in over 80 countries although the CIA has a presence in all of them.

ESG (environmental social and governance) policies in Sri Lanka caused the collapse of the economy and a revolution.

Many of you don’t even know what ESG means. It is the mantra that whatever economical and social engineering policies come out of the World Economic Forum and their allies is best for societies. This can look like mandating transsexual activists on Bud Light cans, forcing Sri Lankans to stop using pesticides, requiring European states to assimilate foreign immigrants, and talking about how much carbon dioxide your wretched life produces. Carbon dioxide, the thing plans and phytoplankton use to make oxygen has now been weaponized and commoditized.

While we are sleeping, American farms and food production are being corporatized. The European farmers are revolting, burning down buildings, and protesting the assault on their livelihoods based on some notion of carbon neutrality. You are more likely to hear about Christiano Ronaldo than massive social upheaval in the EU

Peasants vs. the Praetors?

As long as the peasants have their bread and circuses, they won’t question why we wage so many foreign wars. As long as you give them Saturnalia week, they will forget they are slaves to empire the rest of the 51 weeks. 

You may have accepted the original sin doctrine of being carbon and making carbon and believe the planet is doomed without granting unlimited power to the think tanks of Davos, but I would ask you, if European nations are having unrest, would you think some news outlets would cover it?  The absence of this information is all you need to know about the Corporate empire in which you and I now reside. Rest in Peace, journalism…we hardly knew you.

Render unto Caesar that which is his

If you doubt that we are living in the Corporate empire, just look at the coinage. It is not even hidden. 

Fascism is not a word associated with anything but the idea that people united are harder to divide. Out of many, one = e pluibus unum. The fasces in on our dime was the central symbol of the empire. To be a Roman citizen means you didn’t question owning slaves, possibly dying in a war of aggression on the frontier, and that your life was defined by the identity of being a member of the empire.

If you want to learn about the night they expelled the Jews from Alexandria after 800 years, destroyed the library of Alexandria, and replaced the Pagan Roman Empire with the Catholic one, read my Houston Film Festival award-winning screenplay about Hypatia here.

10 thoughts on “Bread and Circuses”

  1. One of the saddest things I have experienced is the United States virtual lockstep of our physicians who forgot ALL their science and just accepted the COVID vaccines. The jeopardized millions of their patients and has led to the most destructive healthcare emergency in our countries history. Unforgivable.

    1. I hear you and my next question: how would you have handled it ? Isolating or not isolating? No vaccines? Masks? Lock downs ?
      What would you have done differently to avoid the huge amount of morgue trucks on my side walk next to the hospital ?
      What could we have done differently?
      I have my opinion but would love to hear yours

      1. Hi Dr. Feldman. This was not really a post about Covid but rather distraction and destabilization.
        I wrote no less than 9 blogs about how I would handle Covid at the time but thanks to California law, the spread of “Covid misinformation was made punishable by loss of medical licensure.
        That also should tell you all you need to know.

        The fear was inversely correlated with critical thinking.

  2. This is exactly what’s happening right now! The sooner people wake up, claim their sovereignty learn the law and start pushing back properly and legally against these leftist lunatics, the sooner we can get through this and rebuild a society that we are proud of, one that is by the people that actually works for the people! Election integrity!

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