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Happy birthday to me! (Why 48 is the new 28)

I don’t believe I’m getting any older (no grey hairs and no functional impairment). And guess what? That doesn’t feel strange, crazy, or phenomenal. It feels like 28, when age was just an abstraction.

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Better to smoke than to drink a Coke?

For #ScienceSunday, I feel compelled to discuss a study that got a fair amount of press linking shorter telomeres to sugary soda consumption. In a brilliant yet tragic attempt to sell copy, some news outlets proclaimed sodas to be worse than smoking.

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Cholesterol is not the root problem – it is cellular aging!

For today’s #WebinarWednesday, I want to share a video I did about cholesterol. It seems that the meme questioning the wisdom of statins is spreading amongst mainstream medicine, which is great. Find out why “Lucy and Ethel” in the chocolate factory explains what is happening with the cholesterol levels.

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