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Don’t trust me- I’m a doctor

I was disturbed as a physician and an OB-GYN to learn that the Israeli government gave long acting birth control injections, without informed consent, to Ethiopian Jewish women. This reminded me of just how much power doctors have and how they shouldn’t abuse the trust placed in them.

To wit, I stumbled upon this video archive of panel that took place at a symposium on consciousness in 2018. In it, I and other experts talk about longevity and the medical-industrial complex. If you want to hear me wax on about the problems with trusting experts, you can scroll through the YouTube for my face and skip to the parts where I speak. Here is a sampling of some of the things I say:

“[I liken trusting medical experts to end aging and disease to be like] trusting the pentagon to end the war on war.”

“[doctors] are very morally degenerate. (laughter). It’s not as bad as journalists and lawyers.”

“To be a good doctor, you have to be courageous. Nobody knows the good you do in the dark.”

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