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Dr. Dave’s balls ain’t deflated!! (also: what’s the whole story behind “Deflate-gate”?)

Did you know that ever since Tom Brady and Peyton Manning got the rules changed in 2007, every single NFL games has featured different balls for each respective offense?  Only the kickoff balls are controlled by the referees.  I am sure surprised that no one is talking about thousands of games played where nobody checked the ball pressures.  What if Major League Baseball players or pro golfers could bring their own balls? What could possibly go wrong?  See this article for an explanation.testicular-shrinkage-steroids



Speaking of deflated balls, there may have been thousands of other deflated balls that we also never knew about-  and those are between the legs of the players. If a player uses anabolic steroids, the surfeit of male hormones shuts down the normal pituitary feedback “thermostat” and the testicles shrink.

To learn more about the NFL and anabolic steroids, read this.

In 2007, another unfair competitive advantage became available in the form of telomerase activation, or TA-65.  



Here, we see Dr. Dave Woynarowski before TA-65 in 2006 and after seven years of use in 2014, looking like a linebacker.  I know he doesn’t use anabolic steroids and yet note how much leaner he is; even his beard is darker!

To hear Dr. Dave’s thoughts on why TA-65 doesn’t cause cancer but mitochondrial dysfunction may, watch this 8-minute interview I did with him:




To learn more about why TA-65 is better than HGH, watch this brief video that did on the subject:


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