Happy New Year!

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Happy New Year!  I have been busy with family and business and for some reason, the posts have been few and far between. I would like to try to post at least once a day. We shall see how long this New Years’ resolution lasts…

Let’s start with my first PODCAST 1: Cancer Rehab.  In this classic, we hear the stories of  two patients who had extended high-quality time after starting TA-65. It is inspirational.

PODCAST 1: Cancer Rehabhttps://www.youtube.com/watch?v=LDSPPCyKx04

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  1. I have been taking TA – 65 for several years now. I would be very interested in meeting other people who are taking TA 65. Is there any chance you might be giving a lecture on the East Coast? Perhaps in New York City where many of us could attend and meet one another? I would like to hear about other peoples experiences and results.

    1. Post

      Hi Linda,
      Yes, I would love to set up a lecture on the East Coast.
      Perhaps I will try to drum up interest in this. I will put you first on the list. 🙂

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