If you had something to reliably repair and renew problem areas, why WOULDN"T you do it again?
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“I tried the car repair, it didn’t work”


Last week, I was in Honolulu treating nine patients, of whom seven were repeat patients. Allow me to explain why they all decided to repeat exosomes. But first…

For some people, the question of “why repeat?” is like a rhetorical attack on the lack of efficacy. For them, if the exosomes didn’t work, then why repeat?  Fair enough. But if you took your car to the mechanic for a brake pad change and then your fan belt brakes, would you tell them, “I tried the car repair, but it didn’t work!”

My point is that we are self-maintaining machines that are becoming depleted of viable stem cells, connective tissue, vasculature, cell function, and more. It is not logical to say that one auto repair will prevent breakdown for the entire vehicle for the rest of time.

But that is how some people wrongly think about regenerative medicine generally and exosomes specifically.

Meet some of the repeat patients...

EP is me. a 56yo in good health with a history of frostbite 3 yrs prior and right Achilles tendinosis as well as ankle ligament sprain 6 months ago. I don’t generally like to spend money on myself, but since I had a patient cancel at the last minute, I knew I could improve so I retreated. This was my 29th self-treatment and injected my Achilles’, the ATFL ankle ligaments, and around both posterior tibial arteries.



For Stress

AM is my 62yo friend who received her 13th treatment. She has been under stress from her father and now her brother’s passing. In the past it had helped her with traumatic brain injury and whiplash. 

Cirque du Sore-legs

IJ is a 34-yo gymnast who does acrobatics, tumbling, and dance for circus shows and cultural dances (like Fire dancing). She had a history of tearing a biceps tendon and various ankle, knee,  elbow, and shoulder injuries. Every time we have injected her, she has had improvement but she continues to use her body like a Ferrari race car so she is willing to treat the aches and pains of tendons, ligaments, and joints before they permanently rupture. This was her fourth treatment in multiple areas.

Doing what works

JM is a 71yo whom I first met in 2019 after he attended a lecture I gave in Hawaii. We treated his old judo injury to his knee with exosomes and it has been fine since. In 2020, we treated his hip with a joint injection, and that also resolved and has been fine since.

Unfortunately I moved back to the states in 2022 and he went to see a normal doc who gave epidural steroids for his low back pain, which didn’t help. Because his previous experiences with his knee and hip were good, he decided to repeat a lumbar epidural exosome injection.

New problems

HO is a 73yo man receiving his 4th session of exosomes treatments. In 2021, we treated about 22 painful areas and his tendon nodules, painful glute medius, and sacroiliac pain resolved. He was able to return to softball and ping-pong. Like the gymnast, he refuses to slow down and instead is hiking with ropes on the more difficult hiking trails of Oahu. As a result, he has some medial epicondylitis (golfer’s elbow) which we treated. New hobbies, and new problems; but at 73, how many can say they are getting more out of their bodies than before?

What if exosomes are like a lamp with no wish limit?

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