I sprained my ankle and took some exosomes
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Lessons from the fall

Three nights ago I was leaving the restroom in a Korean dive bar/fried chicken place when I feel and injured myself, inverting my ankle, twisting my knee, and even bumping my chin on a wall. I wasn’t drunk but I was thinking (“it’s really dark and I can’t make out the individual stair………AACH!!”)

I would venture to guess that every one of you has had an ankle sprain, which is essentially a tear in the ligaments of the ankle. It hurts, sometimes for a few days, sometimes longer, and sometimes it never really heals completely.

Having been involved in a drunk scooter accident a few years ago and even getting immediate relief for my gout, I knew I had to limp into the office to get 5B IV exosomes. Immediately the pain was less and although I could feel it was weak, it no longer hurt. After less than 72 hrs, the pain is gone and the swelling is down. Perhaps it will be like prolotherapy and my ligaments will come back even stronger than before! 


I think the shift in M1 to M2 macrophages and the inhibition of inflammation and metaloproteinases shifted me along the curve from hemostasis and inflammation to repair. 


Take home lessons

1. Absence of pain does NOT mean the tissues are repaired. If you don’t treat the injury gingerly, you will cause even worse damage than the original!

2. Altered body mechanics can elicit other injuries. Even without pain, I began to favor my right, leading to a feeling of slight discomfort in the right knee meniscus that was repaired with exosomes four years ago.

3. When inflammation is present, there is such good homing that you don’t need to directly inject the injured site

Request for favors

If anyone knows Shohei Ohtani, have him call me to fix his elbow. My experience with famous athletes is that they have a Pretorian guard of eunuchs and Svengali’s around them but it’s worth a shot!

Secondly, if any of you know someone UBER famous or influential that might provide a book endorsement, I am only about a week from completion and would love to have some extra Umph for marketing. Thanks!!

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