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Thank you for all the wonderful support and interest in TELORESTORE™ since we announced it.  Because of concerns raised by our partner, the TA Sciences Company, who are the makers of TA-65,  we have decided to discontinue the TELORESTORE brand and its only product, Telorestore – Recharge.

Going forward, our holistic wellness company will be doing business as “Lokahi Guru” and our first nutraceutical offering will be RECHARGE, a proprietary nutraceutical blend that I have designed to enhance balance and unity to your health.  The concept of balance and unity is best described by the Hawaiian work “Lokahi” (click here to read one interpretation)

(Then click here to read yet another definition of Lokahi)


RECHARGE is made from the world’s safest and time-honored adaptogens: Tumeric, Holy Basil, Rhodiola rosea, and Huang Qi.   Rather than overpowering or oversteering the body and its systems, an adaptogen is a substance that restores balance.

There will be no further need to discuss TELORESTORE, TA-65 or telomerase activation around the RECHARGE product which will work instead via a combination of adaptogenic properties that are currently beyond our level of understanding of physiology and biochemistry.


And just what is “Lokahi Guru?”  It will be a network of affiliates selling holistic wellness products that I (Dr. Ed Park) have personally researched and approved.  I am always interested in hearing your suggestions although only products with high scientific, traditional, and personal safety and efficacy will be considered for sale through our Lokahi Guru affiliates.  And sale of LG products will also help fund independent clinical research trials via PROBONOTRIALS.ORG as well as direct life-saving donations to great souls through GREATSOULS.ORG


Please keep your eye out for more information about the fascinating and time-tested ingredients of RECHARGE and for updates on when the product will be available for purchase and for resale by our affiliate partners.  We are confident that great things are to be experienced from this amazing new blend of the very best the Earth’s pharmacopia has to offer us.

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  1. If I take more than one tablet a day, should I split them up throughout the day or take them at one time. Also, I have been taking it in the morning since it seems to keep me awake. Is that o?

    1. Post

      I tend to recommend taking it all at once, at night. But if you find it activating, then perhaps late afternoon is good.
      I like to have a good blood level around 2-6 AM and the effect only lasts 14 hrs.

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