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My physiological age is…30?

The results of my PhysioAge test are in and according to the composite model, I am 20 years younger (but I think most of that comes from my acing the neuro test).  According to my epigenetic DNA age, I am 7 years younger as I blogged here.


For the last ten years, I have only taken cycloastragenol. I no longer have pre-diabetes, hypertension, reading glasses, and white hair. I still get carded for alcohol about once every month.

The PhysioAge curves on the figure above are from 5 years of testing and they are pretty flat as well. No chronic disease now…no medications now. For more info on the biomarker testing, watch this video:

Today, I sent out three telomere tests and an immune senescent test.

The reason I am doing this is to get a benchmark. I have decided to add some things. We shall see if the things that my patients have been recommending will work on me. I am starting with C60 olive oil, which about six people have sworn by over the years. I also recall that Jeanne Calment, the oldest modern person used olive oil on her skin.

I am also trying fermented skate liver oil which is supposed to be a special kind of fish oil. Finally, I will be experimenting with various natural senolytics. Note: these are just things I am trying…please do your own due diligence.

I am also toying with the idea of banking adipocyte derived stem cells although the price tag at $6,000 is a bit high so I may just roll the dice with my existing stem cells.

Stay tuned for my results!

6 thoughts on “My physiological age is…30?”

  1. Hi. Which Brand og c60 Will You try ? I have tried 4 bottles of Vaughter wellness c60 and is still alive :-). Did not feel much difference but did not messure anything either. Will try more

  2. One’s “physiological age” is not observable but rather is the value of the independent variable of a statistical model that is formed by linear regression analysis. As one’s “physiological age” is not observable, to attribute meaning to the value of this independent variable is scientifically unjustified.

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