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What does the Bible say about our average lifespan? Here’s the scriptural citation:

Days of our years, in them are seventy years, and if, by reason of might, eighty years, Yet is their enlargement labour and vanity, For it hath been cut off hastily, and we fly away. -(Psalm 90:10)”

Septuagenarian blues

Septuagenarian blues

The survival curve above shows that a medical breakthrough might cure or mitigate one disease, but the curve hits a wall between 70-80 years. No matter what you do, stem cell aging catches up with you.


“If it’s not one thing, it’s another”


We believe that the shortening of telomeres in stem cells causes many of the problems associated with advanced age.


What about our MAXIMUM LIFESPAN? Here’s the scriptural citation:

And the Lord said, My spirit shall not always strive with man, for that he also is flesh: yet his days shall be a hundred and twenty years. (Genesis 6:3)

Let’s review Homo sapiens’ progress thus far:

Homo Sapiens' lifespan

Homo Sapiens

Curve A shows that a mere 50% of hunter-gatherer men made it to age 17…. (lions and tigers and beri-beri, oh my!)

Curve B shows that at turn of the 19th century, half those born in 1855 managed to celebrate their 45th birthday. Industrialization, sanitation, and social reform probably had a lot to do with that.

In 2009, despite modern medicine and the wealth of industrialized countries, Curve C is the best we can manage. As a species, we can split the atom, observe the birth of black holes, and compose Bach’s Mass in B Minor, but we’ve hit the limit of what good genes, clean living, and medical science can do.

The goal of telomerase activation with TA-65 is to move our survival curves to the right and create a new and improved Curve D.

Think of it like refurbishing a classic car with new parts. As long as you can stay on the high part of the curve, adding birthday candles beyond 70 won’t be “labour and vanity” because your quality of life will remain good and you will have plenty of friends still around to celebrate with you. As for being “cut off hastily” and “flying away,” Saint Peter will just need to reschedule.

——————— The future?  Who knows?

The post-telomerase activation maximum lifespan is unknown but perhaps we can aspire to the lifespans of these patiarchs:

Shem 600,  Arphaxad 933,  Salah 433,  Eber 860   (Genesis 11)

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  1. How do we account for the life spans that have already been met, ( 120+ ) generally in Asian societies?

  2. Post

    Hi Dr. Borgia,

    I believe that only two modern people have been documented to have lived past 120 years. And only 50% of them are from Asia 🙂

    Rank Name Sex Birth Death Age Country
    1 Jeanne Calment F 21 February 1875 4 August 1997 122 years, 164 days France
    2 Shigechiyo Izumi M 29 June 1865? 21 February 1986 120 years, 237 days?[1] Japan
    3 Sarah Knauss F 24 September 1880 30 December 1999 119 years, 97 days United States

    In my opinion, these folks are the exceptions that prove the rule: sooner or later, your telomeres will fail because of Replicative Senescence.

    Thanks for commenting!
    Dr. Park

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