“I’m walking here!” vs. “We’re walking here!” – a study in cultural diversity

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Japan and U.S. cultures could not be more different. Last night, as I and a bunch of pedestrians were walking through a busy intersection in Kyoto, a white haired woman beat ferociously on a car that had stopped too late in the crosswalk thereby forcing everyone to walk around both sides and side step onto the curb past iron gates. …

Racism on the rise? If so, it is your fault!

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How odd it would be to send Al Sharpton and David Duke back in time to witness the banality of black on white slavery and to understand that our notions of their perceived conflicts are predicated on social constructs that arose out of the particular history of European Enlightenment, Colonialism, and the Pseudoscience of Anthropology (spoken as an Anthropology major myself.)

The Big Apple

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I have flown to NYC to meet with the T.A. Sciences team, including some of the licensee physicians. We’re excited for our two-day workshop with Dr. G. Clotaire Rapaille, the author of “The Culture Code,” a seminal text in marketing and branding. Dr. Rapaille is a world-famous guru for Fortune 100 companies and draws from Psychological, Anthropological, and Philosophical credentials …