Norm Shealy believes mental illness is caused by and potentially curable with oxytocin

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Today I am posting the conclusion of my interview with Dr. Norm Shealy. He has a very interesting theory about the failure of bonding from childbirth and childhood being a deficiency of oxytocin. He states that mental illnesses represent a failure of oxytocin and that using his energy modalities, he can cause people to release oxytocin and treat those illnesses.

Telomere dysfunction linked to cancer – Dr. Sandy Chang, Part 2

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This is the conclusion of our interview with Telomere expert, Dr. Sandy Chang, MD, PhD from Yale University. He was interviewed by Dr. Ed Park at the American Academy of Anti-Aging Conference in 2014.

In this segment, Dr. Chang discusses the science linking shortened telomeres to cancer formation with an emphasis on his area of expertise, the SHELTERIN complex that protects the telomere itself.

Black mold can live in your sinuses for decades! (how to diagnose and treat it)

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This is Part 2 of our our interview with infectious disease expert and researcher, Dr. Joe Brewer. He discusses two landmark papers where he shows the high correlation between chronic fatigue and mold infestation and the paper in which they successfully diagnose and treat this condition in the biofilm of the sinuses. If you know someone with chronic fatigue, then …

Dr. Dave’s balls ain’t deflated!! (also: what’s the whole story behind “Deflate-gate”?)

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Did you know that ever since Tom Brady and Peyton Manning got the rules changed in 2007, every single NFL games has featured different balls for each respective offense?  Only the kickoff balls are controlled by the referees.  I am sure surprised that no one is talking about thousands of games played where nobody checked the ball pressures.  What if …

Will Alex Zhavoronkov’s company cure aging “In silico” before porting it over to humanity? (Part 1)

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At the 2014 American Academy of Anti-Aging conference, I was pleased to interview and dine with the keynote speaker, Alex Zhavoronkov.  He is a visionary leader in business, research, and anti-aging.      In this 5:36 segment, we discuss his vision for anti-aging technologies to solve the problems of Social Security, Medicare, and the global economy.  We also discuss why …