Without knowledge, intuition often fails us

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According to sci-fi writer Harlan Elison, “The two most common elements in the universe are hydrogen and stupidity.” I was reminded of this on our recent Australian cruise when a teenage friend replied to my son’s assertion that his dad’s car only made water and electricity, “Everyone knows you can’t make water!” That just seems right, right? Water is so …

Philosophy, religion, and science are one

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I am grateful for all the moral support I am receiving during the Federal Trade Commission effort to silence me.  Yesterday, I received a call from a banker, viewer of all my videos and blogs, and user of TA-65 to help pay my legal defense. He compared my ideas to Galileo and Tesla, which was very kind. Today, I revisited the Manly P. …

Harvard 25th College reunion – Is the Hero’s journey fractal?

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So there it is. I guess everything is a reunion depending on what scale you examine. Maybe “source consciousness” as the new age philosophers call it, wants to experience itself through our lives before returning to itself. I’m not particularly spiritual or religious, but when patterns arise, they deserve mentioning. Hope you have a great week.