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Real patient experiences

His cat came back – as a clone!

Since 1960, Charles has owned a Siamese cat named “Blue”. The first three cats were good for over fifty years of companionship but this fourth “Blue” is an actual clone of Blue #3.

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Hello Kitty, goodbye family

So just what are the variables that affect population growth?

Sex drive, contraception and abortion, infant and child mortality, economics of child rearing, social normative behavior, anticipated health and lifespan, state or corporate ownership of human chattle.

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The darker side of living past 160?

“Perhaps what’s most striking about this science fiction parable is just how many ideas Park throws at us. If the story touches on similar themes elsewhere in recent pop culture (The Island, Repo Men) it’s because these themes are not only relevant but likely to impact mankind in our own lifetimes”

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