Welcome to the machine?

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There is no firewall or proxy that will ever protect us from ourselves because our consciousness is based on the emergent properties of trillions of cells and neuro-endocrine networks resonating along with god-knows-what. We need LESS computational power with fewer connections until we can master two contradictory ideas:

1) There is no truth that is not arbitrary and subjective

2) Truth and ethics must be driven by consistency and largely independent of agenda

Will artificial intelligence be the downfall of humanity?

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For #philanthrophyFriday, I am posting this passionate and fascinating editorial about evil artifical intelligence (AI) by Patrick Cox. You should subscribe to his newsletter as it never fails to amaze me. In it, he questions the warnings of Elon Musk with regard to the dangers of artificial intelligence.  I find this a most interesting topic because it calls into question …

What if we had free energy and limitless health? Would that be dystopian?

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So is it better to have a dystopia where people are wage slaves or a dystopia where people are bored? Free solar energy, low cost of production, labor, and transportation, and good health? To some plutocrats, that might seem like hell on earth; but to the other 99.9%, not so much.

DEVO was prophetic about our modern man – but we can “Whip it!”

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Most people don’t know there was a competing and long-deprecated alternative theory to Darwinism called Lamarckism. It suggested that individuals can direct their own phenotype (appearance and function) based on choices and behaviors. This idea that was left largely on the dust bin of scientific history in the 1930’s, has now been rehabilitated by the field of epigenetics in a big way.