Premature aging linked to telomeres – cure found

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they could “cure” their HGPS mouse model by two two things. In figure C, they added telomerase activity. In figure D, they added a little extra LAP2α.

There are many who feel that telomeres and telomerase are not centrally related to aging. This study shows that for at least this classic model of premature aging, Sutton’ Law still applies.

Aging genes and Oncogenes – what are they telling us?

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So in a sense, good health is like keeping a bathtub full of clean water. The supply of water is nearly endless if we can keep the mesenchymal stem cell library frozen in our cartilage from aging when recruited. And if we can drain out the foul water (mutated stem cells), then we are going to be just fine.

Aging is not a thing. But can you give up what you know for what is real?

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I believe that eventually the world will join me in understanding that there is really only one disease, with many faces. Depending on how long and in which organs the process has run, you see manifestations of disease and aging that you might call aging.