I would rather be loved than feared – which is why I’m a baker and not a bona fide drug lord…

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So…. twelve weeks after my spending nearly $9,000 of my non-existent advertising budget to promote my book and TA-65, the supply of TA-65 actually ran out temporarily although my own sales were at an all-time low.

Am I nuts or is Robert Downey Jr. looking younger these days?

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If you think some of Hollywood’s leading men are looking younger and younger, it might not be their Kabala, Scientology, and juice drinks that are doing the heavy lifting. They may have just been in one of the movies of that producer…

“Talking ’bout my generation…” – Roger Daltrey turns 70-years-old

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I would like to thank and honor the wonderful musician and great soul, Roger Daltrey of the rock band “The Who”, for his unselfishness in admitting he is taking a telomerase activator. Like a growing list of celebrities, he has taken been taking TA-65 because he believes in it. Unlike all the other celebrities that I know, he allows other …

working for peanutes

“Hey Dr. Park, what’s going on at RevGenetics?”

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I have received three emails in the last 24 hours asking me what is going on with the RevGenetics company because they have updated their website to read: “We don’t recommend TA-65 since November of 2013.”  Here is a screenshot from their website:   (Uh, ok, guys….mixed message much?)