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The Risks of Exosomes – Lecture 8 of 9

In this 27-minute video, I explain the risks associated with exosomes. These include infection, potency, consistency, wasted funds, and unknown unknowns. Exosomes are not inert; they make powerful changes. But the most important thing to understand is not the placebo effect, nocebo effect, or how much you spend. The most important thing to understand is what your own risk tolerance is and if you really want to change.




The series covers the following topics:

Lecture 1: What are exosomes?

Lecture 2: Aging and exosomes

Lecture 3: Parabiosis and exosomes

Lecture 4: Cancer and exosomes

Lecture 5: A history of regenerative therapies in joints

Lecture 6: Are all exosomes created equal?

Lecture 7: The FDA

Lecture 8: What are the risks of exosomes?

Lecture 9: What is Dr. Park’s approach to exosomes?


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