"The best lack conviction while the worst are filled with passionate intensity"
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They didn’t have the internet but our mind control is better these days

First a few announcements. See www.rechagebiomedical.com for website redesign to keep up to date on where I’ll be. I will be treating patients in:

  • San Francisco (April 19th/20th)
  • Palm Beach (May 3rd/4th), 
  • Dallas (May 30th/31st)

In other news...

In case you missed it thinking about sports, political theater, and how you can afford your life, things have escalated in the six-month conflict in the Middle East. Despite concern from within and without Israel, the escalation may strengthen the hardline regime.

April 1st, the IDF bombed the Iranian embassy in Damascus, Syria, killing sixteen people.

Yesterday, around 300 drones and missiles were launched at Israel and largely intercepted by the “Iron Dome” defense system. There were no confirmed fatalities but Israel has said they will retaliate.

When I was in middle school, we used to play “Nuclear War” invented by my patient, Doug. Check out this blog to learn about his ongoing active running lifestyle at 85.


We are in the midst of a website redesign. You will be able to see my upcoming schedule and even book complimentary Zoom consultations soon.

For now, check out the playlist on YouTube entitled “Exosomes for Healing”

Do you know the way to Meggido?

If you are interested, you can still find out who did a Coup in Iran in 1953, why the Theocracy was allowed to come to power in Iran, who founded Al Qaeda and Hamas and why, and why the Saudis are not upset that Iran and Israel are sworn enemies engaged in proxy and potential escalated war. Here is a blog from nine years ago. Spoiler alert: when you walk through the old city of Jerusalem, it really is quite small. Here is a blog I wrote after visiting Israel and Palestine.

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