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Webinar #2: “Back Pain”

Here is the archive of the Webinar #2 “Back Pain”


Each weekly webinar will be edited and posted to YouTube although you will not hear many of the interesting questions in the final webinar recording

Please join us live every Tuesday 11AM Hawaii Time (2PM PST/5PM EST) 


“Shoulder Problems” 

on Tuesday Sept 22nd. 

Revised webinar login info is below. 



I am planning a trip to California the first or second week of October. If you or someone you know might benefit, please have them contact me ASAP.


Housekeeping details: 

1) Because of Zoom-bombers, I will need to change the webinar IDs and so please refer to the most recent emails if you wish to attend a particular webinar

2) I will send a reminder email one hour before starting so please forgive the extra emails in your inbox

Topics will vary based on guests and your requests. 

Send requests to


Zoom Meeting Details: The webinar opens 10-minutes before start. Click the link below

(at The Webinar Meeting ID: is 954 1397 2135

Passcode: 202107


You will need to install a Zoom App below

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