We have to admit that corporate credibility is now an oxymoron. In the antivaxxer mindset, psychopathic profiteering and hidden agendas have become such standard operating procedure that those folks are suffering from a bit of a credulity deficit.
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Why f.ing idiots don’t vaccinate their kids – it’s the sociopaths, stupid

I have a lot of friends who are contemptuous of antivaxxers. They are smart, well-meaning, and like to think they’re open minded. I am a medical doctor and have a masters in public health so I understand the premise of vaccination. I just wish vaccines were made by Tibetan monks or someone without such a questionable moral track record.

Here’s a satirical video by Jimmy Kimmel’s staff:


Kimmel spoofs anti-vaxxers

Remember that movie with Harrison Ford, “The Fugitive”?  How believable is it that a desperate scientist would frame a colleague for murder, falsify results, and bury evidence of harm just to get a drug approved??….



We have to admit that corporate credibility is now an oxymoron. In the antivaxxer mindset, psychopathic profiteering and hidden agendas have become such standard operating procedure that those folks are suffering from a bit of a credulity deficit.

Here is evidence of corporate shills systematically lambasting alternative medicine solutions on Wikipedia


Jonathan Demme, director of “Silence of the Lambs” created a documentary about my friend and classmate, Berkeley scientist, Dr. Tyrone Hayes, who was persecuted by a maker of pesticides. They slandered him and tried to discredit him. But he stuck to his guns.

Click the image below to watch the documentary.


Documentary about Dr. Hayes

There is a pervasive mistrust of  these corporate honchos not just among the less educated, but especially among educated and affluent parents (who after all, socialize with these people.) You know them; they are the ones who display iPhone screensavers with Wall Street’s Gordon Gekko or who post Ayn Rand quotes to their Facebook pages.  They consider movies like American Psycho (2000) and  Brazil (1985) as style guides and how-to manuals rather than satire.

You and I both know what the problem with is when it comes to trusting corporate America; it’s the problem of Isaac wanting take another hike with Abraham.

If I told you that someone sprayed the entrance of a theme park with a virus to scare the public in to acceptable forced vaccination, that might not register as an implausible movie plot or news story.  I would bet that many of my friends wouldn’t even consider that unethical if it forces universal vaccination. By that logic, perhaps the killings in Denmark and Paris were mitvahs because they encourage support of Israel?

Certainly, no one would contest that Microsoft Windows has always been the most stable and secure operating system otherwise Bill Gates wouldn’t be the richest man in the world. Monsanto’s Roundup™ and GMO plants are the helpful to curtail dangerous wild bee colonies, otherwise why would its use be so pervasive?  And Über plays nice with their competitors when it comes to taking criticism because financial success is highly correlated with fair play. 

So in conclusion and in response to the articulate and reasoned appeal of my fellow MD’s in the Jimmy Kimmel piece, I wholeheartedly, and without any sarcasm, do hereby endorse universal injection of children with what ever government or the corporate manufacturers think is best.  We should also hasten the implantation of RFID chips into our children as provided for in the Affordable Care Act because not only will it keep them safe, but eventually we can integrate these chips into a two-way communication scheme to discourage dangerous thoughts and crimes. Or thought-crimes.

Said Isaac to Abraham when he realized that the real enemy was the Philistines:

“Hey dad, let me carry that axe for you! It looks heavy.”



“I probably did kill my wife?

Why would all those other folks lie? “

If you are interested in another MD’s take, watch Dr. Jacob Teitlelbaum in this interview: “Dog bites man, not news. Man bites dog-that’s news.”

iHealthTube.comWait Until You See What this Doctor Thinks About the Flu Shot!

5 thoughts on “Why f.ing idiots don’t vaccinate their kids – it’s the sociopaths, stupid”

  1. As a mother of a child who was negatively affected by a vaccine, it angers me to see a person who has not done their homework back vaccines. When my daughter was little, I discussed vaccines with her pediatrician who said they were safe. After she had a serious reaction to her DPT shot at 2yrs, he admitted that there were some problems with DPT shots! The damage was done. Why did he not tell me the truth before she was permanently injured!

    I know other mothers of vaccine damaged kids. A friends daughter is in a wheelchair from gardisil.

    Please do research on the statistics before you make claims or choices. Vaccines ARE dangerous.


  2. Doctors who testify to the unhealthy effects of vaccination.vaccine

    1. Dr. Nancy Banks – https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=5F_yj1T8Qu8

    2. Dr. Russell Blaylock – https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=7QBcMYqlaDs

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    10. Dr. Ghislaine Lanctot -https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=c8o_AWOx3QU

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    28. Dr. Terry Wahls – https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=4kwgkI1RkF0&feature=youtu.be

    29. Dr. Stephanie Seneff – https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=K5BF0x354BI

    30. Dr. Paul Thomas – http://vaccineimpact.com/…/dr-paul-thomas-m-d-preserve-med…/

    31. Many doctors talking at once – https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=dhweeOmOn6s

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  4. The greatest blessing to humanity over the last 30 years has been the invention and evolution of the Internet. Through this medium it is now possible to discover information that in years past would have taken a lifetime to uncover. Hence we discover the scams of the past – the ‘swine flu’ outbreak in the 1970s when the CDC managed to kill and maim thousands of healthy people – no one talks about this anymore. The possibility to uncover the original papers written by Gallo and Popovic that prove beyond any shadow of a doubt that medical science , in particular Virology, is a cargo cult science. Richard Feynman would turn in his grave if he had lived to witness the constant outbreak of viral ‘epidemics’ that have failed to materialise. Once you realise HIV has never been isolated and purified a la the protocols defined by the Pasteur Institute in 1973, the house of cards falls apart. Polio, Hepatitis C, Ebola , Marburg virus..the whole gamut, nothing but one big scam. The germ theory of disease is falling apart and in 50 years the ideas and concepts behind vaccination will look very primitive indeed.

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