76-years young and getting younger (his ERA and DNA prove it!)

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For #ScienceSunday, I am posting this video of a brief interview that I did with Karl, our wonderful patient who was featured in a few of our previous videos about hypertension and sports injuries.

In it, we discuss the measurements of his telomere lengths. In videos to follow this one, I will discuss other interesting cases of even more dramatic changes.

“Now I am the TELOMERATOR – destroyer of kingdoms”

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Well, you may not have felt the tremors but a couple of weeks ago, our world changed and we entered a new nuclear era which may be even more frightening. That’s because the genie of genetic engineering was loosed from the bottle with the invention of something NYU scientists call “The Telomerator”

Better to smoke than to drink a Coke?

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For #ScienceSunday, I feel compelled to discuss a study that got a fair amount of press linking shorter telomeres to sugary soda consumption. In a brilliant yet tragic attempt to sell copy, some news outlets proclaimed sodas to be worse than smoking.

Flaming Zombie Lemming Cars! (or why telomerase doesn’t cause cancer)

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Simply stated, telomerase is neither pro nor anti-tumorigenic any more than a foot or a brake pedal cause car accidents while driving down a mountain. Telomerase, like a driver’s foot, prevents carcinogenesis by speeding up or slowing down the car.