Telomerase activation is good (AND bad?)

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I wrote a book encouraging people to increase their telomerase activity.

So did a Nobel Prize winner. I recommend getting help with telomerase activators. She did not. She claimed there was too much risk from a supplement but doesn’t think naturally doing so is as risky. I’m not naive and I understand why. There is plenty of theoretical and scientific data to support the claim that telomerase doesn’t cause cancer. But I won’t bother explaining this stance; instead, read this blog to see how it expresses itself.

I believe that even with telomerase activators, we are heading towards Niagra Falls unless we learn to store and replenish our good stem cells and destroy and replace our bad ones. That is why she and I and all of you are still going to get old despite telomerase activators. I maintain this is happening slower in me, as I have taken a telomerase activator for 10 years (without any other supplements or major lifestyle changes). My epigenetic results have me -7 yrs and arguably my telomerase results show even greater gains.

In this video, the Nobel Prize winner’s chief collaborator describes how stress prematurely ages us. I agree. But I disagree based on available science and ten years of experience treating patients that the benefits don’t outweigh the risks of taking a telomerase activator.

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