Testimonial of cancer survivor: “Claudine T”

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“I am an 8 year breast cancer survivor and feel so fortunate to be able to take TA 65 to help boost my immune system. My nails are long, strong and beautiful. I am thrilled to see new hair growth. My skin looks tighter, especially in the neck area. My sleep is much improved and I have vivid dreams.

I stay thin, have more energy and did not have to replace my reading glasses. Last winter, I did not get sick. I felt like I was getting a cold a couple of times, but within a day, the symptoms went away. I am on TA 65 for a year now and have cut back on a lot of other supplements. I plan of taking TA 65 for the rest of my life. I am 57 years old and feel great. Thank you for your dedication, your educational webcasts and your book. It is all very much appreciated!:

– Claudine T (posted on Nov 17th, 2013)

(DR. PARK:  Claudine has experienced many of the common symptoms associated with long term telomerase activator usage. The hyperlinks are to my videos that address those various topics in depth. If you would like to share your experiences with the world, please do so at our testimonial page. Thank you in advance!)

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