Weight loss surgery makes you younger- but how?

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Researchers are finding that surgeries that produce dramatic weight loss were also associated with a 3% increase in telomere length, which normally decreases as we age.

weight loss surgery makes you younger


What could be the possible mechanism of this?   When the entire environment improves by reducing the number of old and dysfunctional fat cells, the remaining cells are in a happier environment with less insulin, hyperglycemia, oxidation and glycation (which is a toxic environment for all cells to be bathing in).

From the American Diabetes Association comes is an example of medicine proving what should be obvious if you understand my unified theory of aging: that Aging is simply the accumulated damage in stem cells from telomere shortening.


aging fat and telomeres


Learn about my Grand Unified Theory of aging and disease in my book, “Telomere Timebombs: Defusing the Terror of aging”  http://telomeretimebombs.com/

Actually, the idea that reducing fat can make you younger is one I have been advocating for years. Check out my 14th PODCAST from June, 2011 entitled “Obesity is aging”

obesity is aging


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