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10 more mindblowers from my new book

In this previous blog post, I listed 10 great reasons to read my book. It is filled with science-based knowledge and advice that can help you.

  1. Why did I earn the name “The Terminator” after my first medical school call? (hint: It involves declaring my patient dead)
  2. If there only an average of 0.32 typographical errors out of 3 billion base pairs each time a cell copies, why does mutation occur so often? (hint: it has to do with telomeres)
  3. Why did a company pay $720 million dollars for a sirtuin activator and then ask for their money back?
  4. If you have two copies of the telomerase gene, you are normal. If you have one, why do you die of old age as a teenager?
  5. If you didn’t need oxygen, why would you still need to breath? (hint: you would die in minutes of acidification)
  6. The endocannabinoid system triggered by marijuana mimics two natural hormones we produce when we are happy. What is the role of telomerase activators in this?
  7. Why do people breath incorrectly and how does this cause neck pain? (hint: it involves that diaphragm)
  8. What is an “emotional meta tag” and why it is the foundation of every single thought and experience that you have?
  9. How does sleep deprivation cause Alzheimer’s (hint: it has to do with the glymphatic system)
  10. Why has every person who has every lived woken up every 90-minutes? (hint: it has to do with the quantized nature of sleep and the reticular activation system)

In an effort to entice you to read my book, I offer ten more paradigm-shifting disclosures for your improved mastery:

  1. Excess exercise can cause “Fatigued Athlete Myopathic Syndrome”. The mechanism is excessive muscle stem cell depletion faster than the telomeres can be extended.
  2. All foods are fine and that eating a calorie of sugar is more fattening than eating a calorie of pure fat!
  3. Your colon is not caked like Roman pipes…after one cleansing it is clean as a whistle
  4. The Mediterranean diet is associated with the best telomeres and health
  5. There is no good evidence to show vitamins improve health but plenty to show how excess intake can harm you
  6. Vitamins ADE & K are particularly dangerous because they are accumulated in fat
  7. Antioxidants are not treating the problems but rather the symptoms of aging and disease…cell death from telomere erosion
  8. The ultimate goal of life is not happiness or self-actualization…it is service and self-transcendence
  9. Self-compassion is the key to better living
  10. A simple top ten list of gratitude can enhance your sleep and naturally improve your quality of life

I hope you will consider reading my book. I promise it is not simply a regurgitation of group think but rather a science-based and useful primer on how to understand and master your own physiology and life.

Read The Telomere Miracle: Scientific secrets to feel great, fight disease, and turn back the clock on aging.


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  1. This book is phenomenal! I’m currently working on a book review and summary for The Telomere Miracle on my YouTube channel which I will produce & upload shortly.

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