Backbending at 65? What’s her secret?

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Today, I received a nice email from my patient, Deb Castleman. It shows her doing the asanas of “the wheel”, the splits, and “the mermaid”. As a somewhat regular practitioner of yoga myself, I can tell you that this requires tremendous strength AND flexibility.

Deb is 65 and has been taking TA65, a telomerase activator, since 2011. So you have to ask yourself, are her abilities and taking this supplement related? She certainly believes so.

Naturally, you should be skeptical. Perhaps there is a placebo effect; perhaps it is genetics; perhaps it is many other lifestyle considerations.  But perhaps the telomerase activator is also helping?

I know that it isn’t cheap and that it is unfair that many Hollywood types take TA65 when you can’t afford it. You can certainly do some due diligence about TA65 alternatives or my own supplement, Recharge, at

What would be the mechanism? I could go on an on. But I leave you with this video I did about a patient, Rocky, who corrected his scoliosis and grew taller while taking TA65.  Her chiropractor even reported this case in a peer reviewed journal you can read here.

Well…you can choose to believe that we are all lying or you can consider that perhaps, Rocky and Deborah have improved flexibility as a result of taking this natural compound. I can’t be certain but the anecdotes are interesting.

As for me, taking a telomerase activator since 2007, I was able to snowboard for a week with some falls, yet no whiplash or other injuries. There aren’t a lot of snowboardings above 50 years old but at least in this area, I am still improving. Am I able to do a wheel like Deb? Not very well. But I am not ruling it out.


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